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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yuka Honda

Kalo ada Miho Hatori, tentu ada Yuka Honda juga :D. Silahkan nih dibawah ada beberapa karya solo dari Yuka Honda (eks Cibo Matto)...

Yuka Honda - Memories Are My Only Witness

Tracklist :
01. Small Circular Motion
02. Why Do We Distrust The Machines We Made?
03. You Think You Are So Generous But It’s The Most Conditional “Anything” I’ve Ever Heard
04. Driving Down By The Hudson River, We Saw The Blood Red Burning Sky
05. Sun Beam—nothing hurts—On A Cold Winter Morning I Walked Back Home: On A Street
Paved With Pieces Of Broken Hearts
06. Single Silver Bullet
07. Some Days I Stay In Bed For Hours
08. Schwaltz
09. The Last One To Fall Asleep With
10. Night Diving
11. Liberation #6-Leaving the Memories Behind


Yuka Honda - Eucademix

Tracklist :
01. Humming Song (Alone Together)
02. I Dream About You
03. When the Monkey Kills
04. Limoncello
05. Some Things Should Be Kept Unsaid
06. Seed of Seed of Peach
07. Twirling Batons in My Head
08. How Many Times Can We Burn This Bridge
09. Parallel
10. Why Are You Lying to Your Therapist
11. Phantomime
12. Spooning with Jackknife


Yuka Honda - Heart Chamber Phantoms

Tracklist :
01. Phantom With An Armor
02. Hydrosphere
03. Last Night, Late, By The Lake
04. Heart Chamber, Part I: Rock
05. Heart Chamber, Part II: Zoe
06. Waters On Mars
07. Little Hope
08. Robot Elephant's Tears
09. Cycle Of Water
10. Don't Be So Naive